Arnold Jacobs

PORTRAIT of an Artist Arnold Jacobs(Summit Record DCD267)
  Adolph Herseth, Vincent Cichowicz, William Scarlett, Charles Geyer - Trumpes
  Dale Clevenger, Horn; Jay Friedman, Trombone, Arnold Jacobs, Tuba
 2.We are enormously complex
 Richard Strauss:Hoen Concerto No.1 in-E-flat
   3.1st mvt:Allegro   4.2nd mvt:Andante  5.3rd mvt:Allegro
   Arnold Jacobs, Tuba;  tuba with the Director's Band, Gunnison Music Camp
   Robert Hawkins, conductor -August 15, 1962
 6.The musician plays the instrument
 7.Playing for the audience
 8.Programming the brain
 The Home Practice Tapes
    9.Vittorio Monti - "Czardas"
   10.Herbert L. Clarke - "Carnival of Venice"
   11.Ralph Vaughan Williams - Concerto for Bass Tuba(1st Mvt)
   12.Gugel/Pottag - Etude No.24
   13."Czardas" with the metronome
 14.This is an art form
 15.We play by song and wind
 16.Giovanni Gabrieli - Canzon per sonare no.2
     Adolph Herseth, Vincent Cichowicz, Trumpets;
     Dale Clevenger, Horn; Jay Friedman, Trombone, Arnold Jacobs, Tuba
 17.Richard Wagner - Excerpt:King Heinrich's Call from Lohengrin
     Jay Feiwdman, Trombone; Arnold Jacobs, Tuba
 18.Hector Berlioz - Dies Irae from Symphonie fantastique
     Arnold Jacobs, Tuba
 19.Become a singer in your brain
 20.There must be a source of vibration
 21.Breath as a motor force
 Engene Bozza - Sonatine for brass quintet
   22.1st movement:Allegro vivo
   23.2nd movement:Andante ma non troppo
   24.3rd movement:Allegro vivo
   25.4th movement:Largo;Allegro
      Adolph Herseth, Vincent Cichowicz, Trumpet; Richard Oldberg, Horn
      Hrank Crisafulli, Trombone, Arnold Jacobs, Tuba
      Autitorium Theater, Chicago - December 18, 1966
 26.Keeping music as an art form
 27.Brethe to expand
 28.F tuba demonstration with Berlioz
 29.Hector Berlioz:excerpt from Romeo and Juliet
    Chicago Symphony Orchestra - Carlo Maria Giulini, conducting(1969)
 30.Bela Bartok:excerpt from Concerto for Orchestra(2nd movement)
    Chicago Symphony Orchestra - Fritz Reiner, conducting(1955)
 31.Igor Stravinsky:excerpt from Petrouchka(tuba solo)
    Chicago Symphony Orchestra - James Levine, conducting(1977)
 32.Carl Nielsen:excerpt from Symphony No.4(1st movement)
    Chicago Symphony Orchestra - Jean Martinon, conducting(1966)
 33.Anton Bruckner:excerpt from Symphony No.4(1st movement)
    Chicago Symphony Orchestra - Daniel Barenboim, conducting(1972)
 34.the key for communicating in music
 35.Modest Mussorgsky/Maurice Ravel:excerpt from "The Great Gatr of Kiev" from
    "Pictures at an Exhibition"
    Chicago Symphony Orchestra - Fritz Reiner, conducting(1957)

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